Jul, 2022

Bees for Development is the global charity which makes life better with bees. They promote sustainable beekeeping to combat poverty, build resilient livelihoods and benefit biodiversity.

We all get so much from bees as they pollinate food crops and wild plants. Honey bees enable people to make a living through working with nature, harvesting honey and beeswax, while helping to preserve biodiversity. Beekeeping is low cost, sustainable, and has the greatest effect on those who have the very least.

Bees for Development shares beekeeping skills with people in the poorest communities of the world, giving a reliable, sustainable income for life. They use local skills, local materials and local bees.

You can also visit the Bees for Development shop at 1 Agincourt St, Monmouth, where you can pick plenty of fabulous bee related items.

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