New Green Woodworking courses on the farm

New Green Woodworking courses on the farm
Dec, 2021

There are some fantastic new green woodworking courses lined up for 2022 on the Humble by Nature farm. You may recognise Michelle Mateo from the last series of Escape to the Farm. Michelle spent a very chilly day on the farm, showing Kate how to make a bowl on her traditional pole lathe. Michelle will be teaching two courses: Bowl Turning and Ash Splint Basket Making.Experienced green wood worker, Maurice Clother, will also be back on the farm to teach the brand new Carve a Butter Knife, Spatula & Spoon course.

Ash Splint Basket Making – Sun 8th May
This course creates a beautiful basket using thin strips of ash, that started as sections of the tree’s growth ring. As Michelle guides you through the process of weaving your basket, you’ll get to know the properties of ash, it’s flexibility, strengths & weaknesses.

Bowl Turning – Sunday 3rd June
Start the day with a solid piece of native hard word timber, and go home with a beautiful bowl! Throughout the day you’ll take your piece of timber, cut it down, learn how to mark it up and then use the lathe to turn your bowl, before hand finishing it.

Carve a Butter Knife, Spatula & Spoon – Sat 17th June
Join Maurice and learn how to safely use an axe, knife and crook knife to carve beautiful yet functional wooden cutlery. You’ll start with a butter knife and, as your skills progress, you’ll move on to a spatula and then spoon.

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