A Country Life for Half the Price
Apr, 2020

Each week Kate will join a family who are looking to change their lives in a BIG way. They’re all desperate to leave the rat race behind and radically transform their quality of life. She’s helping families navigate the all-important first few months of their new lives and help them settle and find new ways of living and earning money locally. Some want to live a fully sustainable life by growing their own veg and keeping pigs and chickens, others want to pay off their mortgage and live more simply in their new homes. Others are opting to work flexibly from home meaning loads more time as a family. They’re trying to leave behind conspicuous consumption and live more of the good life.

It’s not just about the money, it’s about lifestyle. Our families want to spend more time with each other rather than commuting; reading the kids their bedtime stories rather than arriving home from work when they are asleep; and having the space and time to do the things they love. This show is all about the people who dream of a life where they work to live – rather than live to work.

Kate said:

“Over a decade ago I made a big move, waved goodbye to life in the city and set up home in rural Wales.  It was a huge change and even though I had grown up in the country, I soon discovered I had lots to learn.  I am really looking forward to meeting the families who are about to undertake this same journey, following their progress and hopefully being able to help and support them along the way.  Will leaving behind the hubbub of city life help them achieve their dream of Country Life?”

Watch ‘A Country Life for Half the Price’ on Channel 5 from Tuesday 7th April, at 9pm.

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