Animal Park Roars Back into Town

Animal Park Roars Back into Town
Jul, 2018

Kate Humble is joining up with Ben Fogle and Jean Johansson for another dramatic and heart-warming glimpse into life behind the scenes at Longleat in a new series of Animal Park.

Scheduled to be broadcast on BBC One over a three weeks in August, the new ‘Summer Specials’ series will feature 15, 45-minute episodes offering viewers a privileged peek behind the scenes as Longleat’s keepers and animals prepare for another long hot summer.

Among the stories featured in the new series is the unexpected arrival of a new cheetah cub and an abandoned baby wallaby which needs to be hand-reared by its keeper.

There will also be a special tribute to Nico – one of the world’s oldest male gorillas – whose death earlier this year hit keepers particularly hard.

Kate said: “Every year I look forward to returning to Animal Park. The animals and many of the people who work there have become like family over the many years I have worked there, and our annual reunion is always a highlight.”

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