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Humble Home is a range of environmentally friendly cleaning products inspired by Kate’s desire to create a cleaner, greener home. Reducing the amount of plastic we use has never been so important. But it’s hard, especially when it comes to cleaning.

Look in your bathroom or your kitchen cupboards and the majority of cleaning products will come in single use plastic bottles. And a lot of the liquids contained within them are not environmentally friendly either.

Humble Home gives you an alternative: eco friendly cleaning products that come in solid powder form.

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See the Humble Home eco cleaning range

Humble Home eco cleaning

There’s a range of four products – one multi surface and de-greaser (good for kitchens), a bathroom cleaner, a hard floor cleaner and one for stainless steel and glass.

They come with an empty, recycled plastic bottle. Put one tab in the bottle, add water, shake it and your cleaning product is ready to use.

When it runs out, you simply put another tab of cleaning product in the same bottle, fill it with water, shake it and away you go.

After three years of intense research and product development the HUMBLE bath and beauty range was born. Fabulous products that are great to use, safe for all the family, and also kind to the planet.

Get 40% off your Humble Home order with code: HUMBLEHOME

See the Humble Home eco cleaning range


The Humble Promise

Humble Home is a range of environmentally friendly cleaning products. The plastic bottle can be re-used as many times as you like and the products are certified by the Vegan Society, Leaping Bunny and has the Ecolabel. And because the products come in tab form, they are much lighter to transport, so they don’t take as much fossil fuel to deliver.



Leaping Bunny

EU Ecolabel

Made in UK

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I’ve been working hard to reduce the amount of plastic I use and create a greener home. But all the cleaning products I had came in single use plastic and weren’t great for the environment, that’s why I developed Humble Home - my range of eco friendly and refillable cleaning products

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