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Kate Humble - Into the Volcano

Kate Humble - Into the Volcano

Ten thousand miles from the UK, two thousand miles off the East Coast of Australia in the Pacific Ocean lies a chain of 83 islands known collectively as Vanuatu. The islands were created by the Pacific ring of fire, one of the Earth's seismic hotspots, and remains one of the most volcanically active places in the world. Kate travels to two of these islands, Tanna and Ambryn. Tanna is home to Yasur, a volcano that has been erupting constantly for 800 years and was first brought to the attention of Europeans when Captain Cook visited in 1774.

Kew on a Plate

Kew on a Plate with Kate Humble and Raymond Blanc

Kate joins forces with Michelin-starred chef Raymond Blanc and the experts at Kew Gardens to rediscover the rich heritage of our vegetables. A vegetable garden has been created at Kew to showcase the wide and wonderful varieties of vegetables which used to play an intrinsic role in our kitchens and on our plates, but now have largely been forgotten. Joe and Alice, the gardeners at Kew, share their knowledge of how to grow vegetables, with an emphasis on seasonality, variety and natural ways of controlling pests and diseases.

In Search of Nomads

Can a truly nomadic way of life still be viable in our modern world? Do the pressures of land use, population growth, climate change and technology mean that the future for the nomadic people of the world is in doubt? Kate travels to Mongolia to live with herders in the Southern Gobi desert - a wild, remote region where wolves and snow leopard are still a very real threat, where winter storms can wipe out entire herds and the promise of jobs in the many new mines opening up is undermining traditional ways of life.