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Wild Shepherdess

Kate Humble Wild Shepherdess for the BBC

Filmed in Afghanistan, Peru and Australia, Kate investigates herding over the centuries

A growing population and global market forces are changing the shape of farming forever.

At a time when traditional farming is under threat, Kate Humble lives with some of the oldest and most extreme animal husbandry on the planet to learn the skills that have fed and clothed us for centuries.

In this immersive documentary series, Kate experiences the challenges facing the semi-nomadic herders of the Wakhan Corridor in northern Afghanistan, Peru's alpaca farmers in the High Andes, and Australia's Outback shepherds.

Sharing in the lives of both small-scale, traditional shepherds and technologically and scientifically-driven industrial farmers, Wild Shepherdess explores the past, present and future of global agriculture.

The series was first broadcast in 2013.

Watch Wild Shepherdess on BBC2: 14.25 on Wednesday 15th, Thursday 16th and Friday 17th February 2017.